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This is a Yajnya. An yajnya invoking gods for Jana - Jagrity - enlightenment of the masses.


From our scriptures we have known about 'aswamedha yajnya' performed by chakravarti kings to proclaim  their might and supremacy over others. We have read about yajnya performed by some kings for protection and betterment of their subjects in difficult times. We have also known about some kings who, though full of wisdom and 'guna', performed yajnya for personal fulfillment. And we have come across stories of ordinary people performing yajnya to please gods for peace, health and happiness for their family and members of community.

These events took place in 'yuga' gone by. In our present yuga - Kali yuga -minds of people at large have become covered with ignorance, 'dosha' rule. Practice of dharma has become ritual. We are ignorant about our own dharma. We accept, without any remorse or guilt, what others - outsiders - have named our dharma. We call ourselves 'hindus'

This yajnya is for Jana Jagrity, for people to introspect, for people to search their soul and awaken to a new dawn of enlightenment that our true dharma has been there for infinite yuga, it is shashwata, sanatana - eternal. It has been in existence for many yuga and will be there for anant kala. Our dharma has no alternate or equivalent name.

Please be part of this holy yajnya for yourselves and for your posterity.


                                                          Sanatan Dharma Jayati