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                                the ultimate question

If our dharma evolved many yuga ago, is considered everlasting and is accepted by scholars as the oldest living religion


if our dieties - Rama, Krishna and others, in their wordly apperances, were not borne as hindus


if the word hindu is not indigenous to Bharata and appears alien as khorshed or Jamshed or Farookh and you would feel un-comfortable giving these names to your children


if we have come to accept the name of our dharma as it was slapped on us by our conquerors


if it is a fact that we accept this alien name for our dharma because the rest of the world has been labeling our dharma as hindu,we accept it, we call ourselves hindu and do not wish to change


then do the following sloka have any true meaning for us

asato ma sadagamaya       tamaso ma jyotirgamaya