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Priya bandhu and bandhawi


I request you for just two minutes of your valuable time. This is concerning your religion.

Do you care to know who you are? Do you wish to know the truth? Challenge yourself, challenge others. Do you dare to take your true identity? Can you proudly say that your religion is 'sanatana dharma'? You are not  a hindu and sanatana dharma is not hinduism. Search your soul. Please do not let our posterity continue with the mistake of last 1500 years- the wrong acceptance of the name of our religion by our forefathers. Others may call you hindu, you try to correct their mistakes but please do not call yourself hindu.

This is an invitation for you to visit If you find it a worthwhile cause, take part in discussion. Ask your friends to join. You can form your own discussion groups in your community to further this cause.

Please visit Satyarthi

Thank you very much.